Cirrus Flight - Aluminium

Relieve the heady excitement of the first days of flight with this sweeping cirrus design, which mimics the movement of a hundred propellers in action.  Each module is composed of metal mesh and fashioned into its four-blade propeller shape, each linked by mirror composite connecters that reflect their silvery surfaces against each other.  LED lighting is placed within every other module, arranged in neat rows to comprise its overall rectangular shape, to add an extra sense of sparkle.  Cirrus flight will have you up in the skies in seconds, marveling at the days when man first realized he could achieve the impossible. 
Cirrus Flight shown in metal mesh, mirror composite connectors and LED light-source. Can be customized in other finishes and materials.

All Yellow Goat designs are bespoke. Sizes, finishes, canopies, lighting etc can be tailored to individual projects. YGD will typically supply 3mtrs / 10 ft of cable unless otherwise requested. Dimming available upon request.

Designs for North America are built to UL standards. Contact your Yellow Goat representative for lead-times and pricing.

Please note that some of the designs displayed are conceptual and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.

Information provided is indicative only. Light source and wattage may change and will be shown on shop drawings. Client to approve final details before construction.