Bagels is serious chic design for the discerning customer looking to accentuate the style of a room with quality. Shown in a cluster of 45 and suspended from a ceiling plate, this contemporary and decorative lighting installation oozes luxury, drawing inspiration from simple, minimalistic bagel and donut shapes which can be customized using a wide variety of finishes. Lighting sources can be either LED bi-pin or classic downlight, and various visual effects can be achieved with resplendent mirrored finishes. The curve of each Bagel or donut ring is essential to the design – soft light reflections splay on ceilings like water. This installation leaves a subtle but lasting impression on guests soaking the room in soft and muted washes like waves – at once relaxing, meditative and a little sweet. A large-scale piece best suited to retail and casino spaces, Bagels is a superior statement of refinement, elegance, and beauty.

Additional Notes

Shown as a group of 45. Suspended from a ceiling plate.

Light Source Shown LED bi-pin or LED downlight

Materials Shown ACM

Element Size Shown Ø400mm / Ø1’-4”

Dimensions Shown 3000 x 1200 x 1200mm / 10’ x 4’ x 4’

All Yellow Goat designs are bespoke. Sizes, finishes, canopies, lighting etc can be tailored to individual projects. YGD will typically supply 3mtrs / 10 ft of cable unless otherwise requested. Dimming available upon request.

Designs for North America are built to UL standards. Contact your Yellow Goat representative for lead-times and pricing.

Please note that some of the designs displayed are conceptual and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.

Information provided is indicative only. Light source and wattage may change and will be shown on shop drawings. Client to approve final details before construction.