The Knot

Our designers absolutely outdid themselves with the jaw-dropping display provided by this large scale lighting. Take one Spiroflex wand, tie it into a knot, and you have an interesting piece; do that with a couple hundred Spiroflex wands all in tandem, light up each end with an LED bi-pin and you have a custom chandelier that your eyes will simply be unable to look away from.  The knot shape has never looked so incredible, with its strands hanging casually loose at the bottom.  This large scale lighting can be customized to suit interior size requirements and is so arresting that it will make a spectacular display anywhere it is suspended. 

Check out our blog article featuring this item with additional photos & detailed description HERE.

Dimensions Shown Ø800mm / Ø2’-6”

Light Source Shown LED bi-pin

Materials Shown Spiroflex, Aluminium, Polycarb

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Disclaimer: Please note that some of the concept designs displayed here have not yet been built and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.