The Cachet will remind one of a giant, diamond-encrusted watchband, as it hangs high from the ceiling in ostentatious splendor.  The basics of this light design are crafted from a brass plate, stainless steel wire and gem-like crystals that create the glamorous diamond effect.  There is actually no interior lighting to the fixture, which relies on external downlights that reflect off of it to create its distinctive sense of sparkle.  The Cachet can be custom-built to size, and will make an excellent centerpiece for hotel lobbies, halls, restaurants, high-end stores, and other interiors that require a regal light design.  

Dimensions Shown Ø3000 x 1100mm / 10’ x 3’-7”

Light Source Shown LED downlight (external light-source)

Materials Shown Brass, Stainless steel, Glass

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