On The Beatles’ famed White Album, John Lennon’s “Revolution No.9” begins with an engineer reciting the enigmatic line “No.9” over and over again.  The group’s avant-garde sound collage may or may not have provided the inspiration for these custom pendant lights, which feature some of our loveliest dome shapes wrapped in bands of silvery pewter finish.  An LED globe within shines downward, like a beam emitted from a UFO.  These lights can be customized in a wide range of finishes, including opal polycarbonate, and custom-sized to meet specific room requirements.

Shown as a group of 3.

Dimensions Shown Ø1200 x 650mm / Ø4’ x 2’-1”

Light Source Shown LED

Materials Shown ACM, Polycarbonate

Be Original

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the concept designs displayed here have not yet been built and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.