We give our best custom chandeliers feminine names, and this one is our favorite. Exquisite Swarovski tear drops, each suspended at the end of a silver polished stainless steel rod, are all neatly gathered into a refined sheaf held in place by a beautifully curved and polished silver amulet.  The effect is astonishing, as each crystal glistens like a dewdrop hanging from the stems of a freshly picked bouquet. This elaborately crafted centerpiece to any home can also be custom-sized to fit individual room needs, but whatever its size and wherever it is displayed, it will impart a heady sense of majestic class.

Dimensions Shown Ø1000 x 1700mm / Ø3’-3” x 5’-7”

Light Source Shown LED

Materials Shown Stainless steel, Glass

Be Original

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the concept designs displayed here have not yet been built and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.