The stark, stunning appearance of The Coaster is design lighting at its most bold and ambitious. A multitude of polished stainless steel tubes hang on the end of a thin cable, with tiny LED bi-pins at the bottom of each tube coalescing to create an intricate lighting pattern.  The overall effect is both imposing and elegant, an alternative to conventional chandelier construction that utilizes contrasting light and shade to great effect.  Stare in awe at the long cluster of tubes as they hang from the air, then watch how they create a radiant dance of light at their bottom.  The Coaster can also be custom-sized to any need, making it the instant centerpiece of your interior space.

Suspended from a ceiling plate.

Dimensions Shown Ø1800 x 950mm / Ø6’ x 3’ -1”

Light Source Shown LED bi-pin

Materials Shown Stainless steel, Acrylic

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