Oops...Helter Skelter

The Beatles’ legendary White Album cut, so rocking that it pioneered heavy metal, was actually named after the British term for a roller coaster ride.  Oops…Helter Skelter is our attempt to take the viewer on a similar ride, with its interlocking circular shapes that are bent, twisted, and arranged into an intriguingly surreal form.  Try to work out how all these pieces fit together—we had to!  As a modular design, there is no limit to how large we can make this piece.  Lighting is provided either with external LED downlights, or LED bi-pins strategically interspersed throughout.  Oops…Helter Skelter can also be customized in plywood, mirror, and virtually any acrylic finish.

Dimensions Shown Ø4000 / Ø13’

Light Source Shown LED downlight or LED bi-pin

Materials Shown Plywood / ACM, Acrylic

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