Take interior lighting to a higher plane with Levitation, a loosely structured fixture that hangs in egg-like formation from the ceiling. Each piece of Levitation is comprised of bronze and silver chrome glazed ceramic pebbles, which provide a smooth, polished look that exudes metallic grace. Sprinkled among the hanging pebbles are tiny LED bi-pins that lend this interior lighting its soothing inner glow. Levitation works as both a dazzling art piece and a functional source of interior illumination, sure to catch the eye of guests. In addition, custom-size this interior lighting to fit space requirements.  

Shown as a group of 1400. Suspended from a ceiling plate.

Dimensions Shown Ø2400 x 1300mm / 10'-5" x 4'-3"

Light Source Shown LED bi-pin

Materials Shown Ceramic

Element Size Shown Ø80 x 40mm / Ø3" x 1.5"

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Disclaimer: Please note that some of the concept designs displayed here have not yet been built and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.