Blossom is an apt name for this stunning creation from one of our young designers, as it seems to burst forward from the wall in full growth. Comprised of silver or brass metal elements that are carefully arranged to shoot outward in spiky splendor, the dense shape can also be hung from the ceiling like a chandelier. An instant conversation piece that adds a natural touch, it can be customized to any shape, size or color but tends to work very well as a large, striking addition to a living room or hotel lobby. Blossom sparks the imagination by reminding us of the power of growth, an ever-changing process that is captured here in one spectacular moment.

Dimensions Shown 6000 x 4000mm / 20' x 13'

Materials Shown Brass

Be Original

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the concept designs displayed here have not yet been built and due to continuing improvements in design and manufacture, actual product may differ slightly from the product displayed.