We design and manufacture custom lighting, screens and sculptural playgrounds.

Welcome to Yellow Goat Design 

Custom & Modern Luxury Lighting Design and Commercial Playground Equipment 

You are probably thinking “Yellow Goat.  What a strange name!”  It is a name we are proud of, because it is experimental and bold, but striking and artistic – just like the images you are about to see on this website, and just like the incomparable work we do for our clients.  

What We Do

We design and manufacture custom lighting, architectural screens, and sculptural playgrounds.  Whether you need to light up your space, break up your space, or just shake up your space, you can rely on us to meet and exceed your design needs 

Our business and our specialty is lighting – we excel in the design and construction of sculptural lighting and custom lighting installations for:

  • Casinos and Night Clubs
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Multi-Residential and Mixed-Use
  • Retail and Retail Centers
  • Residential
  • Workplace
  • Healthcare, Health and Wellness
  • Education
  • Aviation

Our scope of expertise has also branched beyond lighting to include incredibly unique architectural screens and kids’ play pieces, each with an artistic and stylish flare that will truly set your space apart.  Create a flexible space, divide an open concept design or add a decorative element by specifying from our wide range of screens.  Need to keep the kids busy?  YGD’s sculptural and modern play pieces will amp up any space and are as much artwork for the adults as they are playful and fun for the children.  We focus on seamlessly merging creativity and functionality and deliver one-of-a-kind design solutions like nothing else in the world.


How We Excel in Our Field

Our strength is our creativity and our ability to think outside the box.  There are countless businesses and homes with boring, recognizable, mass produced lighting that fail to make a statement and add substance to the design community.  We regularly collaborate with designers and architects to help them realize their vision.  YGD has an expert team that will work with you through every stage of the process from design development to final installation.  An expert from our team can be in your office or on-site at any point to assist in making your project a reality.  Our clients rely on us for our unmatched talent, five star service and our high quality products.

Above all, we seek to inspire. If we have encouraged you to envision your space to its full potential, we will be thrilled and even more excited to work with you.  If you choose to use Yellow Goat Design to light your latest project, you will not be disappointed.


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